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          Drainage Products & Systems

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1:    Concrete Pits   
2:    Concrete Extension Risers
3:    Modular Stormwater Detention System  
4:    Galvanised Steel Drop In Grates

5:    Hinged Galvanised Grates and Frames
6:    Grate and Frame in Concrete Surround
7:    Heel Proof Hinged Galvanised Grates and Frames
8:    Galvanised Surcharge Grates and Frames
9:    Concrete Manhole Covers in Surrounds
10:  Cast Iron Infill Concrete Products
11:  Concrete Kerb Lintels 
12:  Concrete Kerb Entry Unit
13:  Council Standard Grate and Frame

14:  Galvanised Trench Grate and Frame

15:  Galvanised Silt and Trash Baskets
16:  Galvanised RH3030 Trash Screens
17:  Galvanised Footpath Crossing Tubing
18:  Flexible Flap Valves
19:  Stainless Steel Orifice Plates
20:  Environmental Filter Baskets
21:  Galvanised Ballast Cages

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